ArtEcho is a digital museum experience for all

Art Echo is a web-based virtual reality experience that reveals the acoustic attributes of 3D objects in the Smithsonian’s Open Access collections while moving through periods of the history of Earth and some of its inhabitants.

In this virtual museum people can experience the objects and their stories through imagery, sound, and simulated echolocation based on the teachings of Thomas Tajo, a blind echolocation user and teacher.

đź’ˇ Please put on headphones for the best experience.

đź’ˇ The experience is only available on desktop devices.

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Highlighted Solutions

Smithsonian 3D Assets image
Smithsonian 3D Assets
ArtEcho presents 3D assets from the Smithsonian Institution in a virtual 3D environment, where audiences can perceive their actual scale and intricacy visually and auditorily.
Acoustic Simulation Image
Acoustic Simulation
Leveraging Microsoft Project Acoustics, ArtEcho simulates the realistic mouth click sound reflection from 3D museum objects.
Auditory Wayfinding System Image
Auditory Wayfinding System
ArtEcho incorporates spatialized audio for sightless audiences’ accessible navigation.

Our Team

Zhizhen (Jerry) Tan profile

Zhizhen (Jerry) Tan

Project Lead, Designer, Developer

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Thomas Tajo Profile

Thomas Tajo

Echolocation Adviser

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John Roach Profile

John Roach

Sound Designer

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Eraince Wang Profile

Eraince Wang

Designer, Developer

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Lan Zhang Profile

Lan Zhang

Designer, Developer

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Benny Zhang Profile

Benny Zhang

3D Artist

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum Interaction Lab and Verizon 5G Lab with the project funding and technological mentorship. We also thank Nancy Roach for narrating the virtual experience.